Beautiful bushcraft knife


Whether hiking, hunting, fishing, or camping, you never know when or why you'll need a knife, so it's better to be prepared for the unexpected than completely helpless at the wrong moment.

This Fire and Ice Nightfall is a top-notch full-tang survival knife, an indispensable accessory for any hiker, wilderness backpacker, hunter, or camper. It is an excellent model suitable as an everyday or tactical knife. It's elegant, lightweight, compact, and ideal for those who spend most of their time on the move. The blade of this knife is made of top-quality carbon steel with a hardness of 58-60 HRC.

Within our selection of bushcraft knives, the Nightfall is one of the exclusive models boasting a blued steel finish. Blued steel got this name because after coating the steel with a film of oxides, it becomes blue-black. This approach prevents rapid corrosion, allowing this bushcraft gear to be used in rainy or moist environments.

In addition, quality sharpening will provide you with the highest performance (the blade cuts efficiently and retains its sharpness for a long time without getting dull). It makes it an ideal tool for most tasks – from fieldwork in the wild to simple outdoor chores. The handle is made of beautiful European walnut in an ergonomic design and provides a comfortable and high-quality grip.


  • Total length – 245 mm (10 inches)
  • Blade length – 120 mm (5inches)
  • Blade width – 35 mm (1,38 inches)
  • Handle length – 125 mm (4,92 inches)
  • Steel material – 1066 Carbon, 58-60 HRC
  • Handle material – Spalding oak
  • Sheath material – Cowhide leather